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Do the Cleveland Cavaliers Know Who They Drafted?

After months of waiting , testing, drills, and film the Cleveland Cavaliers were able to pick who they hope will be the next NBA superstar Thursday night.

With all the time that came in to figuring out who they wanted you would think that everyone would be well aware of who the person is; not just the kind of player and person, but literally who he is.

You would think that everyone would know who he is–yes, even those not involved in the decision making process. However, it appears that either team announcer Fred McLeod did not know who Andrew Wiggins is. Either that or he had massive brain fart at the worst possible time.

Mitchell? Who?

To be fair to McLeod Andrew’s dad is named Mitchell, and he is a former professional player himself. From 1983-2003 he played on 17 different teams (two of them twice) in the NBA as well as other leagues around the world. Seven of those years were in the NBA for the Houston Rockets (twice), Chicago Bulls, and Philadelphia 76ers.

McLeon has been in sports broadcasting since 1974 so there is a chance that the two may have met or that he is at least familiar with the elder Wiggins. So maybe that is the reason for the mix-up, or maybe he was having a conversation with him right before he went up to introduce Andrew and brain farted.

Whatever the reason it certainly looks like Andrew doesn’t care. He’s perfectly happy right where he is.

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