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Astronauts to Get their Own Espresso Machine in Space!

Astronauts related to all specialties will now no longer have to grumble about sipping that instant coffee served to them in pouches, which was to be drunk using a straw some 260 miles away from the Earth.

A Turin-based engineering company, Argotec and the Italian Space Agency have now teamed up with teamed with Italy’s coffee maestro Lavazza to address the concern of astronauts aboard the orbiting outpost.

ISSpresso- a unique espresso machine has been specially designed to provide a hot brewing cup of coffee to astronauts in space. Early next year the said machine will be sent from Wallops Island, Va. The six month mission of Italy’s first female astronaut, Samanatha Cristoforetti  is thought to coincide with the launching time of the new espresso machine.

Captain of Italian Air Force and a fighter pilot Cristoforetti 37, will travel to the space station in November. She is excited to get a chance to operate the first space espresso machine as tweeted by her.

ISSpresso is able to whip up tea and consommé as well apart from coffee. Argotec spokesman Antonio Pilello said he has tested the ISSpresso and has given it thumbs up. “You know, coffee is very important for Italian people. We are really hard to please about it!” said Pilello.

The temperature and pressure will be of earthly espresso makers at the time of operation of the space machine. As such the astronauts will be able to enjoy the same coffee that they have while they are on earth.

ISSpresso will fly with 20 coffee capsules initially on getting approval of NASA. Extra packets will be provided for the six month crew after the test run is successful. The machine is 14 inches by 17 inches in dimension weighing 44 pounds in total. The machine will be housed in the US laboratory which resembles a microwave oven.

There is absolutely no question that this espresso machine will be a welcome addition to the space-station life.

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