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5.2 Earthquake Shakes Up New Mexico, Arizona

A 5.2 magnitude earthquake has struck the regions of southeastern Arizona near New Mexico, at around 10 pm PT according to the US Geological Survey. There are no initial reports of major damage of injuries with the epicentre being shallow and in a sparsely populated region.

The location is believed to be to the north of Interstate 10, and to the south of a small town Duncan, Ariz. “It just felt like all the walls were shaking and trembling,” Monica McDaniel, a clerk at the Hampton Inn in Lourdsburg, explained. “I didn’t get scared. I just waited for it to stop. I didn’t know what it was.”

The earthquake is thought to last for a good seven seconds, and after it was over, no damage was noted. The effects of the earthquake spread over 175 miles away from the epicentre, and is restricted to a largely rural region. People noted minor quakes which caused pictures from walls to swing and residents also saw roads and some structures shaking.

“It just kept shaking and shaking, and I grabbed the arm of the girl next to me,” Jennifer Taylor, a dispatcher for the Sheriff’s office, quoted. “We went out to the patio and looked up and our radio tower was shaking.”

Jana Pursley, a geophysicist from USGS claims that the earthquake has also led to several aftershocks, and several hundreds from the other side of the state lines in Graham County have also experienced feeling the earthquake. A few callers have also reported that the natural gas meters in their homes are not working properly.

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