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Hottest Female Athletes Around the Globe

 Hottest Female Athletes Around the Globe

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Antonija Misura

Antonija Misura, Croatian Women’s Basketball Player. #1 on the Hottest Female Athletes list. Photo credit – Guysgab.com

Hottest Female Athletes Around the Globe.

Antonija and her beauty made a sizable blip on the international radar at the 2012 Olympic games, after the foreign press all but crowned her the hottest women to ever play basketball. Standing at 5’10’’ and skilled on the basketball court, Antonija has top model looks with athletic ability to boot. Antonija Misura plays professionally for the Croatian Women’s Basketball League as well as the Croatian Women’s National Basketball Team.

Her looks have gained her unwanted media attention and after seeing this list, you may side with the media. Allegedly, Antonija has been shunning many modelling opportunities, if it weren’t for the media’s keen eye for attractive athletes, you may have never heard of the Croatian beauty.

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  • egay

    Kazakstan Volleyball Player… Altynbekova Sabina…is the hottest

  • Aaron Johnson

    that australian chick is mediocre at best

    • Sam

      Bit harsh.

      I agree that she definitely isn’t the hottest female athlete Australia has but she is at least a bit above average not average at best. I mean she’s not really doing it for me personally but I can see how she’d appeal to others.

  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    For sure #1 hottest female athlete hands down

  • wloutet

    Take a look at Megali Harvey from Canada’s women’s rugby team. Her 80 metre try, convert kicking and all round play helped Canada get to the final. And, also she is HOT !!

  • Ian Nairn

    No Ana Ivanovic? Shameful.

  • CulturalMarxismIntensifies

    hint: they are all white.