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Why is Ben Franklin So Important? – ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. Why is Ben Franklin so important?” you ask? Good question . . . and timely, too.

Why is Ben Franklin so important? He was never a president. On cable TV they said he went to foreign countries and partied with whores, right?

True, he was never a president. Yes, he did go to foreign countries and did enjoy the company of women. (Hey! So does your randy writer!)

Why is Ben Franklin so important? Well, if y’all would pay attention to your rap music heroes you would know Ben Franklin is the man on the 100 dollar bill. You need more reminders as to the significance of this historical figure? Very well.

why is ben franklin so important

Why is Ben Franklin so important?/Image: DatPiff

Why is Ben Franklin so important? Franklin was such a good diplomat in 1778 he talked France into signing the Treaty of Alliance which declared war on Great Britain and allied the rival European superpower with the U.S. Experts agree that without the help of the French, American independence would not have happened. He was so good that even the legendary Thomas Jefferson who took Franklin’s place in 1785 admitted “no one” could replace Franklin.

Why is Ben Franklin so important?  Franklin was an abolitionist before it was “hip”, “cool” or even PC. During a time in our history when slavery was not only commonplace but also hopelessly entangled with the country’s economic prosperity, Franklin had already declared slavery as immoral and unlike some of the other leaders of that era actually took action. He created the first anti-slavery societies in the U.S. Before his death in 1790, he even petitioned the First Congress to abolish slavery.

Why is Ben Franklin so important? He embodied “The American dream.” He was born a “nobody” and made something of himself. He became a journalist with his first newspaper — the Pennsylvania Gazette. He published the Poor Richard’s Almanack, learned about the universal properties of electricity, later became Pennsylvania’s first postmaster and even created one of the first non-religious universities in the country among other things.

Why is Ben Franklin so important? Much like your opinionated penman Franklin had a great sense of humor. He wrote under different names and wrote about a number of different subjects. He could separate fact from opinion and yet saw the value of both.

Why is Ben Franklin so important? Now you know.

You ask the questions.  We provide the answers.

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