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New E-Cigarette Research Includes Facebook Scans, Puff Count

With a view to preventing addiction among Americans, a research financed by the US Food and Drug Administration is going to give a more detailed insight into the use of e-cigarettes and help in determining the associated risks.

Scanning Facebook for posts on how people attempt to make e-cigarettes deliver extra nicotine and counting of the puffs taken by volunteer “vapers,” are done by the two teams of researchers. In order to measure how displays and price promotions influence the monors’ shopping choices for e-cigarettes, a third team is building a virtual convenience store for 13-17 year old.

Public health advocates are urging for more far-reaching prohibitions on online sales, advertising and flavours apart from the FDA’s proposed banning of these cigarettes in April.


E-Cigarettes Under Scrutiny: Researchers Count “Puffs” And Comb Facebook Photo Credits: Flickr

E-Cigarettes Under Scrutiny: Researchers Count “Puffs” And Comb Facebook
Photo Credits: Flickr

“This is the kind of research that is going to be informing the FDA’s regulatory process,” said Michael Eriksen, dean of the School of Public Health and leader of three FDA-funded projects on tobacco.

Final results of the study may not be available before 2018 according to the researchers. 48 FDA-funded projects underway which are claimed to best address questions central to its future regulations in the current time. The non subsidised projects by FDA too are carried out apart from the number of other projects.

There are already more than 14 million US adults and nearly 2 million teens and kids who have used these cigarettes though the tobacco industry quickly expanding its marketing across the country. The number of high-school users have doubled from 2011 to 2012 as reported. It has been urged by the industry representative that before the research results be revealed the FDA may not make any rash decisions to introduce regulations.

“There shouldn’t be regulations akin to those for cigarettes without evidence of similar health impact, especially since the preliminary evidence is positive for the industry” when it comes to comparing the contents of e-cigarette vapour to tobacco smoke, said attorney Bryan Haynes.  Virginia based firm Troutman Sanders represents e-cigarette manufacturers namely Richmond.

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