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Is Hookah Safer Than Cigarettes? Study Says No

Is hookah safer than cigarettes? According to a new study in Pediatrics, published online Monday and featured in the August issue, the answer to this is no.

“Hookah use is not less harmful or addictive than cigarettes,” said Joseph Palamar, the lead author and assistant professor of population health at New York University. “There is a common misperception that the water in hookah filters out the bad things, like nicotine … but that simply isn’t true,” he said Monday morning.

hooking smoking safer than cigarettes In a new study on hookah usage, researchers found that hookah use is dramatically increasing among U.S. teens. The study, titled “Hookah Use Among U.S. High School Seniors,” found the annual prevalence of hookah use was 18 percent, based on a national survey of 5,540 high school seniors according to the Chicago Tribune.

Students who smoked cigarettes, and those who had used alcohol, marijuana or other illicit substances, were more likely to smoke hookah. An interesting finding was that students whose parents had higher levels of education, and those with higher incomes, were more likely to use hookah – unlike cigarette smoking, which is associated with lower socioeconomic status.

“Hookah use isn’t frowned upon as much, especially by the upper class because use doesn’t have the typical smoking stigma,” Palamar said. “It’s also trendy to use at hookah bars.”

One silver lining in the study is that hookah tends to be a once-in-a-while habit, unlike cigarettes. Still, researchers concluded it is imperative for public officials to fill in the gap sin public understanding about the harmful effects of hookah smoking.

“Users … need to be educated about the potential adverse effects,” said Palamar. In light of this latest findings, he added “please use sparingly.”

Is Hookah Safer Than Cigarettes? Study Says No

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  • crunchy2k

    The article fails to say how a study in Pediatrics makes Hooka smoking harmful. What kind of study was this? The story implies it was just a questionnaire. Yet somehow, we are to believe a self-reporting study makes an enjoyable pastime harmful. hooka smoking is safer than cigarettes if you compare the emissions. Chelsea Alves nicotine is not the poison the Tobacco Control Industry has told us all these years. It is as safe as caffeine in the levels found in e-liquids, hookas, pipes, even cigarettes. A good anti-smoking book that details nicotine is ‘Nicotine and Health'(2013) by the American Council on Science and Health available free online.