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Donald Sterling’s Testimony Sounds Like Must-See Television

From the sound of it, had Donald Sterling’s testimony in court Tuesday been televised it would have easily been the most watched program of the year.



The NBA season is long over as is the draft. Free agency has begun and teams are looking to next season. That is every team, but the Los Angeles Clippers. They are still dealing with the whole mess that their owner–or hopefully soon to be former owner–Donald Sterling created when he made his infamous racist comments to his former girlfriend.

Sterling’s wife Shelly has a deal lined up to sell the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer; a deal that she was able to complete when her husband was removed from ownership due to mental incapacity. He appeared to agree to the sale at first, but recanted after the claim he has Alzheimer’s was made public.

So in order to regain control of his team he is suing his wife and saying he was not legally removed as owner.

His turn on the witness stand came Tuesday, and from the sound of the live tweeting done by ESPN’s Arash Markazi it was a sight to behold. In a nut shell Sterling called out everyone he could think of, berated opposing counsel relentlessly, and pretty much turned the whole ordeal in to a spectacle.

Here are some of the better tweets from Sterling’s day on the stand:

He wasted no time in going after counsel:

He didn’t think much of the doctors that supposedly examined him either:

The highlight of the day was his unending badgering of opposing counsel whose name he apparently could not remember:

Many will likely look at his testimony and use it as proof of his mental instability, but it could very well just be a tactic that the longtime lawyer was using to disrupt opposing counsel. He acted in a similar fashion a decade ago when giving testimony:

Was he crazy then as well? Or is he just that crafty?


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