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Celebrities Who Got Better Looking With Age


          Christina Hendricks 

Christina Hendricks, Celebrities who got better looking with age - Photo courtesy of Imgur.

Christina Hendricks, Celebrities who got better looking with age – Photo courtesy of Imgur.

Christina Hendricks is arguably the most desirable redhead in Hollywood these days after stealing the screen as Joan in Mad Men for the last seven seasons. Sci-Fi lovers, however, will remember Hendricks from the beloved Joss Whedon produced Firefly as well. Hendricks is pushing 40, but she has never looked better, not to mention that she has been one of few women in the business to embrace her curves. Hendricks has aged like a glass of fine single malt scotch. orng_nxt

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  • Glen Zelinsky

    Don’t you mean “Celebrities that got better looking with astonishing amounts of plastic surgery”? See Christina Hendricks before.

    • EozS

      Whatever, she still looks fantastic.

    • hexrei

      Exacts. Playboy shoot—> B cup

      Today—> shit, DD? Bigger? I don’t know how much other work she has had done, but that is sooo painfully obvious.

      • Glen Zelinsky

        The boobs are just a part of it. Her face looks completely different with all the surgery she’s gotten.

        • sweetie

          Worry about how your own face looks. She doesn’t owe you any favors.

      • sweetie

        Boys look so ridiculous talking about boobs. Your tits would increase a few sizes too if you keep eating those growth hormone cheeseburgers too. Or maybe you’re a late bloomer. I don’t judge.

        • hexrei

          What are you, 12? Here’s a headpat, kiddo. Talk about boobs once you have some.

          • sweetie

            Even if I were I still know more about boobs than you ever will. Worry about your own moobs and their complete lack of support. That shit is gross!! If you want to rip into complete strangers about plastic surgery go watch the new Botched series. Bet there’s even a forum. You’d fit right in.

          • hexrei

            Oh, my bad. You’re a neckbeard cheeto-fingered dude trolling. Good luck with that.

          • sweetie

            I get better smack talk from xbox gamers. That’s right, I’m calling it. You don’t have an argument to stand on. You bitch about people you don’t know, about their looks, because you ain’t got no alibi. You U.G.L.Y.

            Take all that bullshit and bring it somewhere else. But not HER.

          • hexrei

            Oh, Ok. I won’t take it “her”, forty year old dude picking his nose right now in a tutu.

          • sweetie

            Although I’m enjoying all the dudebro tears and your frail attempts at insulting me by describing your pathetic life I appreciate the attempt at not being completely shame worthy. Thanks for the effort.

          • hexrei

            Have fun cosplaying with your bronies tonight!

          • hexrei

            “Hi hexrei,

            You have a new follower on Disqus.

            Resident pistachio Queen :D”

            Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship, or a creepy stalking?

          • sweetie

            ;D Who am I going to have tutu bronie parties with if I don’t have a boy! Thanks for the tutu idea. It’s tots besties now in my closet.

      • David Stringer

        Even if she has had plastic surgery, so what? She looks great, it’s her body and it’s perfectly legal.

  • Stez

    >Hendricks has aged like a glass of fine single malt scotch.
    Just a technicality but Scotch doesn’t “age” (at least in Scotch speak) after it’s bottled let alone poured into a glass.

  • Arc Light

    Its amazing how many women make a ‘career’ just by having massive tits.