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Have You Seen the Pope Francis World Cup Tweet?

There have been a lot of people sending tweets about the World Cup, but there is one that might surprise some people–the Pope Francis World Cup tweet.



Upon hearing news like this it is hard not to wonder. What would the Pope have to say about a soccer tournament? He was born in Argentina so is he offering up a prayer for Lionel Messi’s leg and the reflexes of goal keeper Sergio Romero. Yeah, he is the leader of the Catholic church, the Bishop of Rome and absolute Sovereign of the Vatican City State–but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a sports fan.


Well–maybe Pope Francis is a soccer fan and would love to see the team from his homeland win, but his message had nothing to do with who wins on the pitch:

The man has a point. Putting an event like the World Cup together is not just a tremendous and impressive undertaking for the host team, but for every fans and player that attends a game. Yes, there have been moments of violence between fans, but for the most part cultural and religious differences have been put aside for the love of the game.

Well said your Holiness. Well said indeed.


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