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Why Hasn’t President Obama Visited The Texas Border Yet? – ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why “Why hasn’t President Obama visited the Texas border yet?” you ask? Good question . . . especially if you’re a Democrat searching for some sliver of sense with which to defend the elected leader of the greatest country on the planet.

But, first let’s review. A deluge of Central American youngsters seeking safety here in the US has become both a humanitarian and political crisis for every border state. It’s also the impetus behind President Obama’s lecture to Central American parents to keep their kids home and to spare their kids from making the long, dangerous, terrible trek. It’s also what’s behind his request for $3.7 billion in emergency spending to beef up border security and hasten deportations.


Why hasn’t President Obama visited the Texas border yet?/Image: BuzzPo

Republican Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas told the press that the White House was “recycling the same explanations” previously offered by the Bush Administration after Hurricane Katrina when questioned about Obama’s absence at the Texas border.  Cecilia Munoz, the White House Domestic Policy Council director, publically stated that the situation is not a natural disaster but “a humanitarian situation that we have been on top of from the very beginning.”

Munoz added: “It involves the entire federal government; it involves our partners in Central America who have acknowledged that we all share a responsibility to make sure we stop this situation before it starts.”

Obama himself has stated there was nothing happening on the border that he was not already “intimately aware of and briefed on.” Furthermore, it’s also possible he sees this as a Republican move to control him although what president would admit that?

President Obama elaborated: “This isn’t theater. This is a problem. I’m not interested in photo ops; I’m interested in solving a problem. And those who say I should visit the border, when you ask them what should we be doing, they’re giving us suggestions that are embodied in legislation that I’ve already sent to Congress.”

Why hasn’t President Obama visited the Texas border yet? Now you know.

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