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Females See Ladies In Red As Sexual Threats

According to a new, recently-published study in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, women who see another woman wearing red become more protective of their significant others.  Prior studies have revealed that men are reportedly more likely to become romantically interested in ladies in red but this is the first study to examine how women respond to the color.

Researchers from the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Trnava University in Slovakia and the University of Rochester, New York joined forces to discover what the color red says to women.  Their research included three distinct experiments.


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First, they asked participants to look at a picture of a woman in red and a woman in white. Women were asked to speculate on the woman’s sexual receptivity. Participants rated the pictured woman in red as being “more sexually receptive” than the pictured woman in white.  69 percent of the participating women were in a monogamous relationship but the study revealed no correlation between relationship status and perceptions of women dressed in red versus white.

The investigative team also tested participants to determine if they would disparage a female in red as well as the chances of protecting their partner from their mates from a lady in red in additional experiments.  The research group also tested to determine if the participants would belittle the pictured women in terms of fidelity and financial resources.

Lead researcher Adam Pazda stated: “Derogation [involves] speaking poorly of another person to make them seem inferior, undesirable, or unlikeable, while making oneself seem superior and more likable by contrast. Mate-guarding is the act of protecting one’s own romantic partner from romantic or sexual encounters with others.”

The conditions were changed slightly for the last experiment. Rather than compare red and white, the research team conducted a comparison of red and green in order to eliminate any potential bias of connecting the color white with purity.

Pazda pointed out: “Using green allowed us to equate both hues on lightness and chroma, which allowed for a more rigorous, controlled test of the red effect.”. The final experiments proved that women think a woman in red is significantly more “sexually receptive” as opposed to green or white. They also established that women in committed relationships were more inclined to secure their significant other from a lady in red as opposed to a woman wearing green.

Females See Ladies In Red As Sexual Threats

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