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Why Do We Have Eyebrows? – ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why“Why do we have eyebrows?” you ask? Good question . . . especially since we were getting a bit political lately what with  the Hobby Lobby decision and the TSA and President Obama this will be a nice change.

We know that eyebrows are a significant aspect of our appearance. They are distinctive and we pay a lot of attention to them. We deem eyebrows as attractive or unattractive.

We apply make-up to them. We trim them. We shave them off and then paint or tattoo them back on, mmmkay? But why do we have them? As per usual, Yahoo Answer posters provided some interesting responses.


Why do we have eyebrows?/Image: Pinterest

A poster named “Dove” believes we have eyebrows so “we can tell who is inbred and who isn’t by looking to see if that person has a uni-brow or not. “ “ColossusShadow”, however, says that we have eyebrows “so unicorns can read our minds. Unicorns have to read our minds in order to tell if we are good people or not.”

Scientists are not entirely sure why with all the body hair we have lost on our crawl out of the caves we still have eyebrows. However, there are a couple of points on which most sources agree.

First, we have eyebrows to help keep rain, and sweat out of our eyes. Humans have always relied on the sense of sight above any of the others. The arched shape of our eyebrows diverts the flow of sweat or rain around to the sides of our faces.  Rainwater can blur your vision and the salt in sweat can irritate and sting if it gets in your eyes.

Imagine how quickly a caveman hunter could have become the hunted if he had been blinded by stinging sweat in the midst of his attempt to track down dinner. Additionally, it is believed that eyebrows also serve to help us deflect dirt and debris and even partially shield our eyes from the Sun.

Finally eyebrows have one other function. We use them to non-verbally communicate. We use them to accentuate our facial expressions.

Why do we have eyebrows? Now you know.

You ask the questions.  We provide the answers.

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