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Former Diner Manager Pleads Guilty to Plotting Uncle’s Murder

A former diner manager of Tick Tock diner in northern New Jersey pleaded guilty Monday in what authorities say was a botched plot to kill the co-owner of the restaurant, who happens to be his uncle by marriage.

Georgios Spyropoulos, 46, of Clifton, New Jersey faces up to 10 years in jail at his sentencing, which is scheduled for Sept. 19. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and signed a consent order that prohibits him from having contact with the victim, the victim’s family, or any of the family’s businesses.

former diner manager

A former diner manager at Tik Tock diners pleaded guilty to plotting his uncle’s murder. (Photo: Facebook)

Authorities have said an informant told them that Spyropoulos was looking for a hit man to complete his mission to kill his boss, Alexandros Sgourdos. They said Spyropoulos thought Sgourdos was withholding profits from him and keeping a large sum of cash in a safe.

Authorities also said Spyropoulos shelled out $3,000 but was willing to pay up to $20,000 for his uncle to not only be murdered, but for the would-be assassin to torture him until he gave up the combination to a safe that contained a large amount of money.

Sgorous co-owns the Tick Tock diners in both Clifton and Manhattan.

Spyropoulos was arrested back in April 2013. He was indicted last November on attempted murder amongst other charges.

“Thanks to the New Jersey State Police, we have a guilty nephew going to prison, instead of an uncle in a shallow grave,” acting state Attorney General John Hoffman said. “Had they not intervened, this murder plot appears likely to have been carried out, because Spyropoulos did everything in his power to set it in motion, including delivering a gun and a down payment to the man he hired to kill his uncle.”

Spyropoulos’ attorney, Antyhhong Pope, told the Star Ledger that State Superior Court Judge Donald Volkert of Passaic County has agreed to sentence his client to an 8-year term.

“He’s [Spyropoulos] devastated by it,” Pope said. “He’s a man with no prior record.”

Former Diner Manager Pleads Guilty to Plotting Uncle’s Murder

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