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Oscar Pistorius Brawl: Blade Runner in Night Club Fight

Oscar Pistorius Brawl: It was a real busy weekend for the former para-olympian who is standing trial for allegedly murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.



Early Sunday morning he broke his silence on Twitter with a serious of religious tweets and one that included a collage of pictures with him helping disabled children along with an inspirational message. There was no explanation as to why he broke the silence that started the day he allegedly killed his girlfriend.

What is interesting is what occurred the night before. He went out to a trendy spot–the Sandton Night Club–where he got in a fight with another patron. As to exactly what happened–it depends on who you want to believe.

The tale that Pistorius’ media representative Anneliese Burgess is telling claims that he was out with a cousin when a person later identified as Jared Mortimer approached him.

“The individual, according to my client, started to aggressively interrogate him on matters relating to the trial,” Burgess added. “An argument ensued during which my client asked to be left alone. Oscar soon thereafter left the club with his cousin. My client regrets the decision to go to a public space and thereby inviting unwelcome attention.”

Mortimer tells a decidedly different story. In his version he approached Pistorius because he knew the person he was with–a former bouncer by the name Guil Yahav (who was charged in 2002 with assault in a case that involved a man that was bludgeoned to death).

Yahav introduced a drunk Pistorius who proceed to insult Mortimer’s friends and poke him in the chest. He pushed Pistorius down. By time he was able to get off the floor bouncers intervened.

Regardless of what the truth is going out to a trendy nightclub was not a good idea for a person that is in the midst of a highly publicized murder trial. Closing arguments are scheduled for next month.

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