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Amazon Is Making Some More Big Moves

Amazon has been making some big moves lately in an attempt to dominate seemingly every corner of the market. The company has done very well with their Kindle line, their Amazon Fire TV is a strong competitor in the streaming device market and Prime Music is looking to compete with Spotify. Amazon isn’t done though, the Fire Phone and a rumored subscription ebook service are on the way as Amazon is making some more big moves.

Amazon Fire Phone is one of Amazon's next big moves. Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Amazon Fire Phone is one of Amazon’s next big moves. Photo courtesy of Amazon.

First up, Amazon is making their first venture into the smart phone market with the Amazon Fire Phone which will be carried exclusively by AT&T  starting July, 25. The phone’s hardware appears to be competitive, boasting a 2.2GHz Quad-core CPU and 2GB of RAM, more than many laptops just a few years ago. It also features a 4.7″ HD LCD display, 1080p video recording, 13mp camera and plenty more. Though, it’s the specific Amazon features that users may find the most appealing. 

In addition to their 3D maps, Firefly recognition technology and Mayday customer service button, anyone who gets a Fire Phone will be getting a free year of Amazon Prime. That will allow users to access all of the free movies, books and music that is available to stream from the service.

However, unlike the Kindle, Amazon’s first venture into the smart phone market doesn’t have the appeal of a lower price point. Without a contract, the 32GB version of the phone will cost $649, which is as much as some of the more expensive phones on the market. Whereas the Kindle Fire was much cheaper than Apple’s iPad, which helped lead to its success.

The Fire Phone isn’t the only new thing on the way for the mega internet retailer. Tech blog Gigaom recently spotted a page on Amazon’s website that was quickly taken down. The page boasted a service, similar to Netflix that for $9.99 a month would grant users unlimited access to thousands of books. 

According to the page, the service would be available on any device and there are few services out there that could compete with this should Amazon decide to launch the service. Amazon hasn’t commented on the matter since the page was taken down.

Amazon Is Making Some More Big Moves 

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