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Pitcher Adam Wainwright Creates Controversy at MLB All-Star Game

Tuesday night during his time in the All-Star Game in Minneapolis St. Louis Cardinals pitcher  Adam Wainwright did not look like the dominant pitcher he is.

@Yahoo Sports/Twitter

@Yahoo Sports/Twitter

Wainwright gave up three hits including a two-run home run to Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera to give the American League an early 3-0 lead. How one of those hits came to be is what has some folks concerned.

During an in-game interview he admitted to giving the AL’s lead-off hitter–retiring New York Yankees short stop Derek Jeter–a couple of easy pitches.

“I was going to give him a couple pipe shots,” Wainwright said. “He deserved it.”

When told what Wainwright said Jeter was appreciative.

“He grooved them?” he asked. “I don’t know, man. … If he grooved it, thank you. You still have to hit it.”

Had this been any other professional sports all-star game no one would have cared, but that would be because the outcomes of those games do not matter. The winner of the MLB All-Star game has home field advantage throughout the World Series.

The AL would go on to win the game 5-3.

Sometime between when he gave his in-game interview and talked to the press after the game Wainwright must have realized his mistake. He tried to cover for it, but as he recognized the damage was already done.

“What I meant to say was I’m intentionally trying to throw a strike to get him out. It’s what I do most of the time, almost all the time,” he said. “‘Piping one’ is the wrong window for that. It really is. If I’m going to get taken to the slaughterhouse for saying a stupid phrase, then I deserve it. What can you do?”

You live and learn Mr. Wainwright. Live and learn.

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