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Superstar Athletes Who Got Caught Cheating

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Cheating Athletes

Superstar Athletes Who Have Gotten Caught Cheating. Image courtesy of edition.cnn.com

Tiger Woods takes the crown for the most closet affairs in superstar athlete history. The golfing pro cheated on his former wife, Elin Nordegren, with more than fifty women. More than 10 of these women have come forth with their stories claiming to be one of the many he has bed during his marriage. Woods allegedly admitted to sleeping with 121 women while married according to numerous media outlets. Numerous stories were published and televised regarding this ‘good guy gone bad’s scandalous affair. Woods couldn’t catch a break thanks to the number of affairs that kept piling up in the public eye. Several porn stars were also linked to the superstar golfer. His closet chicks were selling their stories it seemed every other day. After much negative media buzz and suffering as the butt of the joke, Nordegren and Woods divorced in August, 2010.



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