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3 Teens Face Murder Charges After Brutally Killing 2 Homeless Men

Three Albuquerque, New Mexico teens are facing murder charges after they reportedly beat two homeless men to death with cinderblocks, bricks, and a metal fence pole over the weekend.

homeless men attack

1 of the 3 suspects that took part in a brutal attack that left 2 homeless men dead and another injured.

Alex Rios, 18, and two other boys, ages 15 and 16, are being held in Bernalillo County detention facilities a day after allegedly murdering two sleeping men in an open field. The boys’ attack was so violent, it left the victims unrecognizable, police spokesman Simon Drobik said. A third man said he was able to escape from the beating.

The teens said they were looking for someone to beat up and possibly rob. One teen told authorities the other was “very angry” over a breakup with his girlfriend. A criminal complaint said one of the teens confessed to attacking more than 50 people in recent months.

“I personally, after reading that complaint, was sick to my stomach because of the nature of the violence and the age of the offenders,” Drobik said.

Officers responded Saturday around 8 a.m. to a 911 call reporting two dead bodies in a field. They found one victim lying on a mattress and another on the ground. Jerome Eskeets, a third victim said he was able to flee but was hospitalized for his injuries.

Eskeets told police he recongnized one of the “kids” hitting and kicking him as a boy who lived in a nearby house and police found the three suspects convening there. The homeowner said the 15 and 16-year-olds were his sons and Rios was a friend who was spending the night.

The complaint says Rios has been charged with two counts of murder, along with other charges. The younger boys will likely be charged with murder as adults, Drobik said.

Rios told investigators he acted as the lookout while the other boys attacked the homeless men. The younger suspects however discount Rios claim and say he participated in the attacks as well.

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