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7-Month-Old Baby Killed by Family Pet Dog

Police in Dayton, Ohio say a family pet dog attacked and subsequently killed a 7-month-old baby boy over the weekend.

family pet dog

A family pet dog, similar to the one pictured here, mauled and killed a 7-month-old baby boy Sunday in Ohio. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Police told the Dayton Daily News that the baby’s step-grandmother was watching the boy for the day when her dog mauled him to death on Sunday afternoon.

CBS affiliate WHIO reports that a neighbor called 911 in an effort to get the baby help after the attack took place.

“She just knocked on my door, bangin’ on my door, She had a baby in her hand. The baby’s not breathing. You need to get here now.” the neighbor told the dispatcher over the phone.

The police supervisor on the scene said it’s unclear why the attack happened.

A Montgomery County coroner’s investigator says the baby, whose identity has not been released, lives in a different state. An autopsy is planned to take place today.

An animal control officer removed the dog from the household.

Montgomery County records show an American Stafford terrier is registered at the address where the baby was killed and is believed to be the culprit behind the attack.

A police report from June 3 shows the same dog attacked and injured a beagle that was on a leash as the owner was walking near the Riverside Drive house before it got away. The beagle suffered bites to its leg. The owner told police she didn’t want to press charges against the dog’s owner, but wanted the incident to be documented.

About a dozen people — said to be close family members and friends of the step-grandmother — gathered together at the home where the attack to place reportedly cried and screamed. Police say the step-grandmother is extremely distraught about the tragic event.

7-Month-Old Baby Killed by Family Pet Dog

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  • Jo

    I feel so bad for all involved including the owner of the Beagle who didn’t press charges. If only…….

  • Higher Ground

    the misunderstood breed?

  • HarryTheCat

    This this dog is (was?) an American Staffordshire Terrier (not “Stafford” — this reporter obviously didn’t even bother to look it up on Wikipedia), or your basic pit bull. Far too many idiots think that having a pit bull is some sort of macho status symbol (“my dog’s tougher than your dog”) and fail to understand that they need to be properly socialized and trained to be family pets. Even then they can be unpredictable and dangerous around children and other animals.