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Marijuana Edibles Get State OK

As more and more states in America legalize the use of marijuana, the business world is already gearing up for the burgeoning industry of marijuana edibles. Almost half the states in the union already permit marijuana use for medical purposes.

It is these reforms in marijuana legislation that the edibles are expected to flood the market. Indeed, with a variety of marijuana-laced treats ready to hit the shelves in stores across the state of Washington, state regulators have just passed guidelines on what is acceptable and what is prohibited by law.

Cannabis stores in Washington will soon be allowed to merchandise marijuana in numerous baked goods such as brownies and cookies. They will not, however, be able to use cannabis in candy or any other edible that would appeal to juveniles according to the recently released standards from the Liquor Control Board.


Marijuana munchies/Image: WeLoveTheHerb

Jelly beans and lollipops are among the list of illegal edibles. Labels and/or packaging that would especially appeal to minors are also not permitted. Furthermore, pot-laced products are required to state that the products contain cannabis. All production facilities for marijuana edibles must also pass safety inspections and all pot products will be tested for consistency and potency.

Washington, which became the second state (after Colorado) to allow the recreational sales of marijuana to adults on July 8, may be getting tied up in red tape as state regulators cannot currently keep up with the demand in terms of licensing retailers. As this goes to press they have issued only 25 licenses with 300 more applicants still waiting. Nevertheless, a company in Seattle that makes marijuana-infused candles and drinks became the first store in the state last week to market marijuana edibles.

This new marijuana market has also made cannabis cookbooks and cooking classes big. Erik Altieri from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) concluded: “You’re seeing a lot of these types of products like cannabis cookbooks. They’ve always been popular among a subset of marijuana, but with the fact that more and more people from the mainstream are able to consume, there’s a lot more interest.”

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