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Top 10 Favorite Celebrity Besties

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Celebrity Besties

Top 10 Favorite Celebrity Besties. Image courtesy of popsugar.com

Julia Roberts and George Clooney prove that women and men can in fact be the best of friends. Their friendship spans a little over a decade. The two filmed Oceans Eleven together back in 2001 and a sequel and have remained in the media for their budding friendship. Roberts has even shared how happy she is for Clooney, who is newly engaged to be married. Roberts and Clooney held hands, cuddled and laughed the whole time at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Britannia Awards, where she assisted in honoring the actor. “George Clooney, or as my daughter calls him, ‘George Looney’,” Roberts joked during her mini speech before presenting an award to the actor last year. If her daughter refers to him as ‘George Looney’, that means the pair are indeed Hollywood besties.

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