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Top 10 Favorite Celebrity Besties

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Celebrity Besties

Top 10 Favorite Celebrity Besties. Image courtesy of mirror.co.uk

George Clooney is a ‘BFF’ magnet in Hollywood and he just so happens to share an awesome bromance with Brad Pitt. Clooney and Pitt also worked together in Oceans Eleven and its sequel. The gorgeous pair reverence each other at any given opportunity, including their thank you speeches. During Clooney’s Golden Globe award acceptance speech for his role in Descendants, he gave quite the shout out to Pitt. He said, “I wanted to say it’s nice to see Brad and it’s nice to be able to tell him not just what wonderful work he’s doing in two films this year, but also what wonderful work he does in the world to the rest of the people. I’m a fan.” Now that is how you publicly show respect and admiration for your best friend.

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