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10 Most Awesome Announcements That Came From Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is long gone now. Though the biggest pop culture party of the year won’t be taking place again for another year, what remains is the awesome announcements that came from Comic Con, and nobody can take that away. Here’s the rundown.

10. The Deadpool Movie Is happeninng…Or Was At Least


The long rumored, much anticipated Deadpool movie got a ray of hope over the weekend. As a nice surprise, some test footage was shown to some lucky fans. However, the footage was from 2011, so the project could still be super dead.

9. Wonder Woman’s Clothes Are On


Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice got a dose of girl power when Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman outfit was revealed, which happens to looks a lot like a Xena reboot.

8. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Comic Book


Marvel, a comic book publisher, is making a comic book based on their hit TV show, Marvel’s Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. Makes Sense.

7. Josh Brolin Is Still Thanos


During the Marvel panel which took place on Saturday, Josh Brolin made a surprise appearance confirming that he is indeed playing the big baddie known as Thanos (but we already knew that).

6. Mass Effect 4!


Mass Effect fans were treated to extremely limited but confirming details on the fourth installment of one of the most beloved gaming franchises of the last decade. Really though, extremely limited.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Before Guardians of the Galaxy Even Comes Out


 Marvel didn’t make a lot of new announcements this weekend (who is playing Doctor Strange???!!) but they did, however, announce that the Guardians of the Galaxy will be gracing the screen again in July 2017. Impressive, seeing as the first one isn’t even out yet.

4. Skull Island Movie


Legendary Pictures dropped a bomb (actually two, but we’ll get to that) on Hall H when they showed a surprise teaser trailer for an upcoming film called Skull Island. Oh, and that just so happens to be the island that King Kong comes from. Also, Legendary makes the Godzilla movies now. Do some franchise math, things are going to get awesome.

3. Evil Dead TV Show

evil dead

Everyone’s favorite Bruce Campbell character is coming back! Ash Williams will be coming back in an Evil Dead TV show and Bruce Campbell is set to appear in it. Also, Sam Raimi is producing so the band is back together and it sounds very promising.

2. Marvel Star Wars Comics


Unfortunately, Dark Horse Comics will be ending their 20 year run on Star Wars comics and they will be going back to Marvel. Fortunately, the lineup Marvel announced over the weekend looks incredible. Sure, we didn’t get any Star Wars: Episode VII news, but this was a nice consolation prize.

1. Godzilla and Mothra and Rodan…Oh My!


Legendary Pictures most awesome bomb that was dropped on con goers this weekend was the confirmation of Godzilla 2 (which we already knew about). But further, they announced that Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah will be joining the monster party. A teaser was shown featuring glimpses of the famous beasts, which was reportedly fantastic. No question, this was the most awesome announcement of the weekend.

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