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There May Be Hope For Browns WR Josh Gordon After All

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon nearly gave fans a reason to come to home games all by himself last season when he led the league in receiving.



With the lack of a running game and a sub-par quarterback his success was encouraging to say the least. What if he had Brian Hoyer for the bulk of the season instead of just two games? What if there was a running game that kept defenders from focusing on the pass? What if he had some help?

The team did address severl deficiencies via free agencu and the draft. Of course it would help to actually have Gordon on the field–something that will likely not happen thanks to another positive drug test.

Or did he….

With his appeal coming up some details surrounding Gordon’s case have been made public that make it appear as if there may be reason for leniency.

According to his legal team Gordon has been doing as he should be. As a repeat offender he is subject to as many as ten random drug tests a month. Since entering the program he has passed more than 70, and the one he failed he did so by a slim margin.

When he gives a sample it is split in two. The testers will test sample A, but will not test sample B unless A is positive which it was in this case–16 ng/ml. The threshold is 15 ng/ml.

His B sample was under the limit at 13.6.

The results would coincide with his claim that second hand smoke was the culprit in this case–not him. Should the NFL believe him there is room for leniency to be applied. However, the league has stated that players are ultimately responsible for what enters their bodies.

So while the league could exercise some leniency it could just as easily throw the book at him anyway.


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