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Why Is Milk Really In The Back Of The Store? – ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  ” Why is milk really in the back of the store?” you ask? Everyone who thinks they know has another thing coming; trust me.

Milk is usually in the back of the grocery store which is, of course, as far as possible from the entrance. Some people find this to be an odd location for milk since it is a popular item.

There are actually two reasons. One is logical and the other, at best, runs somewhere between an added plus and a conspiracy theory.   Still, before we get into that let’s consult our opinionated online posters. They don’t often have a clue but they’re almost always interesting nonetheless.


‘Why is milk really in the back of the store??Image:IXDaily

Unfortunately, Yahoo posters had no responses online this time. However, NPR poster “Cnyrob” believes the milk is really “in the back of the store because it is made in the back of the cow.” That was the best anyone had to offer in terms of humor so let’s get to the facts and fiction.

People who have never worked in retail or have cynical minds believe that the milk is kept in the back of the store because having it in that location forces folks to walk through the store where they will potentially pass and purchase other products. (Mind you, the first question here should be who takes a cart or even a basket into a grocery store if they truly intend to only purchase milk, mmmkay?)

An NPR podcast surveyed a number of retail experts and store managers. The final answer was milk is not in the back of the store to inconvenience customers and make them buy more. The truth is more practical.


‘Why is milk really in the back of the store??Image: Fitbie

It’s called the “Cold Chain.”Milk is a perishable. That’s why dairy coolers are at the back or on the side of a store. They are near the loading docks so that cold milk can go right from the refrigerated truck into the cold cooler at the back of the store.

Experts agree that making customers walk through a whole store isn’t entirely bad but it while it could lead to an impulse buy it could also aggravate customers. (What out-of-shape lazy @ss is going to want that extra exercise? Even if they go to the gym they might be the type to drive around for the closet parking spot to the gym’s entrance.)

Finally, if the point was to get you to buy more stuff then why would they have small dairy coolers at the front of the story for those who wanted milk in a hurry? So why do people still claim the milk is there first to get customers to buy more? Because they don’t read this column!

Why is milk really in the back of the store? Now you know.

You ask the questions.  We provide the answers.

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  • Carmen gonzales

    You tell them Mr. Phoenix, facts And common sense, that’s what’s needed more of.

    • Will Phoenix

      I just did my homework, Carmen. I researched a couple articles and listened to a series of interviews and that is pretty much the answer.