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Best Celebrity Doppelgangers

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Best Celebrity Doppelgangers. Image courtesy of starbunge.com

Scarlett Johansson, 29, has more than a slight resemblance to actress Amber Heard, 28. The two sought after actresses are both gorgeous blondes, who rock the red pout better than most women in Hollywood. They resemble each other so much you’d think they were long lost sisters or shared a father and didn’t know it. Of course that isn’t the case, but the women do have much in common in the looks department. They are both notable, curvaceous and two of the most desired women in Hollywood.

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  • http://enria.org/ Freemon Sandlewould

    Please……You have no business mentioning Scarlett of the Hollywood Herpes tree in the same page as you do Amber Heard. Amber is in a class by herself. And libertarian gun owner additionally which only turbocharges her appeal. A brain!

  • Ian Estevez

    Well, they both have human features. That’s something, I guess.