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Jesse Venture Explains Why He Sued Dead Navy Seals Wife For Defamation Case

Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota Governor, WWE Hall of Famer and U.S. Navy Underwater Demolition Team member sat down to share his side of the story, as to why he decided to sue, Chris Kyle, a deceased Navy Snipers wife. Ventura claims the late Navy SEAL sniper made false accusations in his book leading to a tarnished reputation.

In his book, Kyle claimed that he confronted Jesse Ventura about committing treason, before knocking him out. The lawsuit has lead to a national outcry from veterans as well as the general population.

Today Ventura sat down to clear the air and shed light on the situation. Here is what he had to say.

A jury had awarded former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura $1.8 million in his lawsuit against the estate of “American Sniper” author Chris Kyle.

The federal jury in St. Paul found Tuesday that the 2012 best-selling book libeled Ventura in describing a bar fight in California in 2006. Kyle wrote that he decked a man later identified as Ventura after the man allegedly said the Navy SEALs “deserve to lose a few.”

Kyle, who was murdered by a fellow veteran at a Texas gun range last year, defended his story in videotaped testimony before his death, saying it was accurate.
Eleven witnesses also backed up Kyle’s version of events, defense attorney John Borger told jurors.

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