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Aspirin Daily Conquers Cancer

According to a recent study published in the European cancer journal Annals of Oncology, a daily dose of aspirin may aid in preventing cancer. Specifically, a research tem co-funded by the charity Cancer Research UK (CRUK) discovered that taking an aspirin every day for a decade could lower the odds of getting colon cancer by 35 percent and actually dying from it by 40 percent.

Furthermore, it could possibly reduce the risk of developing esophageal and stomach cancer by 30 percent. It could cut the risk of dying from these cancers by between 35 and 50 percent.


An aspirin a daily keeps the cancer away/Image: HealthMeUp

Jack Cuzick, lead researcher and head of the Center for Cancer Prevention at Queen Mary, University of London, England stated: “It has long been known that aspirin — one of the cheapest and most common drugs on the market – can protect against certain types of cancer. But until our study, where we analyzed all the available evidence, it was unclear whether the pros of taking aspirin outweighed the cons.”

In order to complete the project, the investigative team analyzed over 200 clinical tests reviewing the “health outcomes” of participants who had taken an aspirin daily over the specified number of years. Not only were they able to link aspirin with digestive tract cancers, they also discovered a reduction in breast, lung and prostate cancers as well. The risk of suffering a heart attack was cut by approximately 18 percent.

Cuzik noted: “We came to the conclusion that most people between the ages of 50 and 65 would benefit from a daily aspirin. It looks like if everyone took a daily aspirin, there would be less cancer, and that would far outweigh any side effects.”

Said side-effects may include developing peptic ulcers and experiencing bleeding in the digestive tract. The bleeding could pose a serious threat for a small percentage of seniors. Cuzik clarified: “”Some people will be at risk of stomach bleeding, but very few.”

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