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Mom Accused of Killing Son 23 Years Ago Held on $2 Million Bail

A Florida mother was arrested Wednesday and faces extradition to New Jersey to stand trial on a charge of murdering her son 23 years ago. She is being held in lieu of a $2 million bail.

Michelle Lodzinski, 47, of Port St. Lucie, Fla., was taken into custody by local and Middlesex County, N.J. authorities, according to a statement from the Middlesex County prosecutor to the Star-Ledger newspaper, 23 years after her son died.

million bail

Michelle Lodzinski, 47, is being held on $2 million bail for allegedly murdering her son, Timothy, 23 years ago. (Courtesy Port St. Lucie Police)

A grand jury indicted Lodzinski on one count of murder last week in connection with the death of her son, Timothy (Timmy) Wiltsey, whom Lodzinski first reported missing on May 25, 1991. The mother claimed to police that she had taken her son to a local carnival when the boy vanished while she was buying a soda.

However, authorities said Lodzinski’s story began to seem suspicious when no one at the carnival could recall seeing someone who matched Timmy’s description. Days later, a police officer who questioned Lodzinski told the Star-Ledger that the mother then changed her story and claimed two men kidnapped her son. When pressed, the officer said Lodzinski would not elaborate. She subsequently changed her story again, claiming that two men and a woman had abducted Timothy.

On April 23, 1992, partial remains of a body – later determined to be Timmy’s – were found in a marshy area near Lodzinski’s former place of employment. According to The Star-Ledger, the indictment charges read that the boy was killed somewhere in Middlesex County, N.J. between when his disappearance was reported and when the remains were discovered.

It is not immediately clear what, if any new evidence was presented to the grand jury. Prosecutor Andrew Carey said the case was referred to the grand jury “following a routine, cold case review of evidence and facts.”

Mom Accused of Killing Son 23 Years Ago Held on $2 Million Bail

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