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Man Being Crushed By A Train Gets Saved By Crowd

Sometimes we lose our faith in humanity. We see murder after murder. Abuse followed by more abuse. We see video of people who stand by and do nothing while some innocent person is attacked and hurt. Well not this time. Check out this story of a man being crushed by a train and gets saved by a crowd of people.

A man boarding an Australian train slipped and became stuck between the platform and the train. A man standing near realized the train was about to take off. He quickly realized the man’s leg could be lost if the train took off. After notifying the conductor to stop the train a large group gathers around the man.



Instead of gawking and staring at the trapped man while waiting for the fire department to show up, the crowd takes matters into their own hands. The large crowd shows what happens when you work together to fix things.



The collective effort of people just standing by was able to release his leg which was wedged in the gap. The man walked away without injury in what could have been tragic had it not been for others. Check out the video of the man being crushed by a train and saved by a crowd.


Man Being Crushed By Train Gets Saved By Crowd

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