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Phony Facebook App Infects Computers

According to Cheetah Mobile and other online sources, at least 10,000 people across the globe have fallen victim to a relatively new malware application that fools Facebook users by informing them that the app can change the color schemes of their Facebook profiles. The malware program presently presents itself as a featured Facebook application. This fact further misleads many users into thinking it’s a legitimate new Facebook feature.

Facebook users should all be aware for how the malicious malware is let loose onto their computers. Upon landing on the website for the claimed “color change” software, the user will be instructed to view a video tutorial on how to use the app to customize the coloring of their Facebook page.


Phony Facebook App Infects Computers/Image:Echip

In truth, the video was created to steal what those in the know refer to as “Facebook Access Tokens.” Hackers use the “tokens” to commandeer the user’s Facebook profile and next network with your Facebook friends in an attempt to victimize more users with the false Facebook app.

The fiendish fake app can control a computer through an application download as well. PC users would see this download as a pornographic video player. Smartphone and Android tablet users can be bamboozled by a classic con convincing users their systems are already infected and that their devices must download a specific app in order to locate the virus and eliminate the problem.

Not only does the malware take over all Facebook apps it also embeds them with caustic code and viruses. It will redirect users to phishing sites where all their personal data will then be harvested.

Fortunately, for fooled Facebookers, the app portion of this problem can be countered by navigating to Facebook’s app page and uninstalling the so-called color change program. One can also disable apps in order to ensure the issue never reoccurs. Users can also change their passwords too. Facebook users are reminded that at present Facebook, unlike Myspace and other social network sites, does not currently offer and app to customize the color or “skin” of their profile page.

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