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Christian Genocide: Shocking Images Released Showing Horrible Human Rights Atrocities Against Christians

In one of the most atrocious and horrific scenes being played out in the world today, young Christian children are being persecuted, crucified and murdered in cold blood by Islamic extremists.

In what is being classified as a Christian Holocaust, Muslim extremest groups like Isis, are terrorizing and murdering innocent women and children in Iraq, just because of their religion. This scary fact is becoming more and more prevalent, reminding the world of the very real threat that exists inside of radical Islam.

In a photo discovered by Western Journalism ISIS terrorist are seen beheading children and crucifying youths in their genocidal war against Christians, Yazidis, and whomever else is standing in the way of the caliphate.


Image from Western Journalism.

Image from Western Journalism.

The Christian holocaust occurring in Iraq, is getting some media attention but not nearly enough considering the amount of damage being done to Christians in the region.

Congressman Allen West, has taken it upon himself to cover the story and shed light on the genocide occurring in the Middle East. He is not just shedding light on the genocide but also blaming President Obama for his careless handling of Iraq as well as lack of compassion for those Christians living in this horrific time.

Allen West, wrote up a speech that would have fit the times, for President Obama to read. A speech which is quite contrary to what the President has actually said. Here is the speech from Allen West.

All you needed to say last night, Mr. President, was this:

“I must apologize for allowing this evil to be born and grow. I ran as a president who wanted to end wars. I now realize my campaign promises and personal desires are not of any consideration, because the enemy also has a vote.

The Islamic State represents the most reprehensible evil the world has seen since that of Nazi Germany — and the world did nothing then. I shall not allow this on my watch. America will lead and we shall destroy this 7th century barbarism. Tonight, I am committing American military power to kill ISIS, wherever it is. If America sees the black flag we shall kill those who raise it.

First however, we will rescue the Yazidi and Christians trapped in the Sinjar mountains — and we shall kill any ISIS forces impeding that objective. Then in concert with our Kurdish allies, we will begin a committed offensive operation to ensure that Islamic totalitarianism and jihadism is defeated. God bless liberty and freedom. God bless America….and God curse ISIS.”


In an interview with CNN’s Jonathan Mann, Mark Arabo, a Californian businessman and Chaldean-American leader had this to say about what is going on in Iraq.

Christian Genocide

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