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Trap Cave Searched for Remains

Thousands of animals fell to their deaths by stumbling upon the hidden entrance of a cave in the U.S. thousands of years ago.

It is an opportunity for paleontologists with the said misfortune who are taking a safe route into the excellently-named Natural Trap Cave to look for bones.

Search For Remains In Trap Cave Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos

Search For Remains In Trap Cave
Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos

The remains of (unfortunate) North American lions, short-faced bears and other now-extinct species from 25,000 years ago will be the comletion of the first excavation in 30 years inside the Wyoming cave by the scientists.

In a sediment more than nine metres deep, the bones lie entombed layer upon layer.

The cave’s high humidity and cool temperatures might even preserve genetic material of extinct animals from the days when massive ice sheetss last frosted over much of the North American landscape is hoped by the scientists.

It is only because the cave’s only entrance is a hole in the ground that’s almost impossible to see until you are next to it, the oldest remains could date back 100,000 years presumably.

Thousands of unwary animals plummeted 24 metres to their deaths said by scientiests over millennia. Fortunately, the people and animals are prevented now from falling because of a metal grate.

The experts have been hauling up bones and bone-bearing sediment with buckets after buckets over the past two weeks.

The universities in the US and even overseas, to the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA at the University of Adelaide will be receiving the best items of the cave.

“It’s an incredible site. It definitely is one of the most significant sites that BLM manages and it will provide very, very important information,” said Brent Breithaupt, a paleontologist for the US Bureau of Land Management.

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