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OnePlus Cutie Contest Causes Clamor

OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, just canceled its most recent publicity gimmick due to politically-correct clamor over a campaign that was meant to increase its popularity among women. Unfortunately for the cell phone sellers, the contest garnered some scathing reactions from a portion of the populace.



The contest in question, named “Ladies First” was an online competition open only to women. Women were instructed to post pics of themselves with the company logo drawn or painted onto their “hand/face/whatever.” To make certain that “whatever” was not misunderstood and to avoid overly controversial photos, OnePlus noted that nudity was not allowed.

While the initial entries were harmless, all too soon contestants began posting inferior photo-shopped pictures reportedly to poke fun at the contest. Some of these poorly produced pics were of barely clad men and women with the OnePlus logo placed over their sexually “strategic locations.”


OnePlus: Never Settle/Image: PureGoogle

Both the public and the Chinese media must have missed the joke. Members of the press and OnePlus form claimed the competition was sexist, inappropriate and ill-advised. The company conceded the contest was inappropriate on a blog post and after a few hours pulled it off the web.

Had OnePlus permitted the competition to continue the 50 most “well-liked” ladies would have won a company T-shirt and approximately $350 worth of credit towards a OnePlus cell phone. If the number of contestants had hit or exceeded 500 then one of them would have also won a free 64 GB OnePlus One smartphone.

Cyanogen, Inc., the company that created the operating system the OnePlus One smartphone uses also commented on the calamitous contest noting both in a blog and on twitter that it was “in bad taste.” They concluded: “We value all of our users and do not support any contest that objectifies people.”

OnePlus Cutie Contest Causes Clamor

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  • Carmen gonzales

    Did this contest garner decent phone sales for the company,Mr. Phoenix? No pun intended.

    • Will Phoenix

      Odd. I thought I had replied but i don’t see it. One thing is certain, this got them press and any press is good press.