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Elon Musk’s SpaceX Sued for Not Paying Workers

Violation of California state law when it did not warn them before it completed a mass firing is claimed in the two separate lawsuits filed by workers against SpaceX.  The two workers had been structural technicians at its facility in Hawthorne, Calif who had sued the rocket maker over the mass firing. The two workers were part of a 400 worker mass firing that occurred without prior notice confirmed by them. Being forced to work off the clock, a separate case was filed by another worker.

SpaceX Sued Over Firings, Not Paying Workers Photo Credit: Flickr

SpaceX Sued Over Firings, Not Paying Workers
Photo Credit: Flickr

Under California state law, companies are required to give workers a 60-day notice that they will lose their job. The law applies to companies that have at least 75 employees and that order at least 50 employees to be laid off.

The lawsuit alleges SpaceX owes the workers it laid off up to 60 days of back pay and $500 in civil fines for every day the company violated the rule about warning of a layoff, plus other penalties reported by Bloomberg Businessweek. On behalf of all 400 workers who were laid off, the case was filed on Aug 4 in California Superior Court in Los Angles.

SpaceX is accused of requiring workers to work off the clock and did not give them the required rest and meal breaks in a separate lawsuit. SpaceX has been doing this for about last four years has been claimed by the worker in this case. On Aug 8 the suit was filed in the same court as other case. Bloomberg’s request for a comment about the lawsuits was not responded by a SpaceX spokesperson.

In recent years SpaceX is not the only company to face lawsuits from workers who claim that they were forced to work off the clock without pay. The other companies who faced similar cases includes Wal-Mart Stores Inc, International Business Machines Corp, and Polo Ralph Lauren Corp.

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