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Why Do Sunglasses Make People Look Sexier? – ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why do sunglasses make people look sexier?” you ask? Good question. (At least it beats answering the question: “Why do they sell so many different kinds of sanitary pads at the supermarket?” Hands down.  Period.)

Various online sources and surveys indicate that the general public feels wearing sunglasses makes you look sexier. Is it because a lot of people have ugly upper faces and eyes? Is it because everyone looks more like a movie star? While some of the usual online posters felt certain styles of sunglasses made girls look like “b*tches” they weren’t any help in answering this question.


Why do sunglasses make people look sexier?/Image: Stumbleupon

NewsVine blogger “WeRdoomed” thought the phenomenon itself was strange. “We” commented:” It’s odd too because eyes are the ‘windows to the soul’ and since sunglasses make you more attractive that must mean that the soul has little to do with initial attractiveness. Maybe it’s the vulnerability of the eyes that makes us uncomfortable? “

Where your man on the street was little help with this question, research saved the day. A senior lecturer of art and design at Nottingham Trent University in the U.K., Vanessa Brown, researched this question for an academic book she had yet to publish and discussed it with ScienceOFus.  She reported that she analyzed the psychological and cultural relationship between sunglasses and our modern ideas and why we look hotter in shades.

Historically, sunglasses are linked with glamor, risky business and edginess.   Sunglasses did not become commonplace until almost the 1940s. According to Brown, shades were originally used mainly for risky snow and water sports and tied to “new technologies” such as air travel. Thus they were seen as “daring and thoroughly modern.”

In the 1950s celebrities started wearing them to disguise themselves and to protect themselves from the harsh “old school” explosive flashbulbs used by the paparazzi. This forever connected sunglasses with glamor.

Sunglasses add mystery.   People make judgments about you by looking you in the eyes. If you put on shades you’re instantly an “intriguing presence.” Brown explained: “The eyes are such a tremendous source of information . . . and vulnerability . . .” Eye contact aids in evaluating confidence, intelligence and sincerity.


Why do sunglasses make people look sexier?/Image:TrendFashionDesign

Furthermore, wearing shades allows a person to feel inscrutable.  They make the wearer feel more “anonymous.” Research also indicates that this “mystery increases sexual desire.” One study revealed that gals who not certain of a guy’s feelings towards them would actually being more attracted to said men.

Finally, sunglasses make us look sexier because they make a person’s “misshapen face look better.” Research links our perception of beauty with symmetry. Shades give your face “instant symmetry.” They hide “asymmetrical oddities” near one’s eyes. They also make it appear as if one’s face has an “extra-chiseled bone structure” even if one has soft features.

Why do sunglasses make people look sexier? Now you know.

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  • Carmen gonzales

    Women look sexier, hmm? When I’m talking to a man I want to see his eyes, not to see whether he’s sexy or not, but to gauge his sincerity. I wear mine simply to protect my eyes from the sun’s glare. Your question was Why do sunglasses make women look sexier?, Mr. Phoenix, didn’t know they did. Interesting!

    • Will Phoenix

      Yes, according to different sources we think people look sexier with sunglasses. “We” in general not all of us. Plus that’s another thing. Some people might think shades are sexy because it turns them on when the person takes them off or pull s them down and offers that eye contact. Kinda like lingerie is sexy when you take it off and are naked, right? maybe shades are part of that sexy “wrapping” for some folks.

      • nezzybc1

        from experience most people wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from bright sunlight,but, there is an element of people out there, who wear their glasses for egoistic reasons, you can pick these wankas out, because they are they only ones wearing sunglasses when the sun is blocked by cloud

        • Will Phoenix

          Hi Nezzy!
          Yes. I wear sunglasses because of the sun but I also cannot deny they do give a person a certain look. You could be right about the people who never take them off though . . . it is either an ego thing or an insecurity thing lol Thanks for reading my stuff!

  • Sukka