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Why Do Women Wear Thongs? – ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why do women wear thongs?” you ask? Good question. (It sure beats answering the question: “Why do my thighs touch in the shower now when they didn’t use to in high school?”)

Oddly, the usual parade of amateur answer posters was disappointing this time. There was a brief debate over the initial comfort of thongs and a short argument about whether or not guys have the right to look when gals wear thongs.


Why do women wear things?/Image: TheStir/CafeMom

One lady pointed out that it didn’t really matter because we men don’t need an excuse to check out a girl’s butt or anything else. We just do it. (Duh! Still, it’s better to have a reason to look and best to get paid to do so. Why do you think guys take gigs as security guards or crossing guards?)

Then there was “Sybian Princess” on Topix. She was initially confused about why girls wear thongs. She said: “I sometimes wear thongs to school but then I take them off and just go barefoot. Or did you mean why do they wear ‘a thong’ to school, meaning that kind of underwear? I don’t wear them, except that kind of bikini out by the pool – I figure what’s the point if no one can see my beautiful butt?”

There was no scientific reasoning behind ladies wearing thongs. However, there were many surveys and sources to consult. Here are the most popular reasons why women wear thongs:

Comfort: Many women have discovered that wearing a thong can ultimately if not always immediately be very comfortable because there is not a lot of fabric to shift and move around and the cotton thongs never cause chaffing.

No Panty Line: Thongs help avoid panty lines when women wear tight pants. (On the other hand, at least panty lines prove you’re wearing panties and not some slut who goes without panties ‘cause you take ‘em off too frequently anyway.) The absence of panty lines leads us to the next reason:


Image: ScoobyNet

Girls Look/Feel Their Sexiest: Wearing a thong adds an element of sexiness to the way they feel and look. One woman said a thong makes a woman’s butt “look its sexiest” whether she is “in shape or not.” (Let’s not go too far. If you’ve got a “Homer-Simpson-in-a-Speedo-on-the-beach” @ss that just sucks the whole thing up between the cheeks then that is not sexy, mmmkay?)

Turns On Men: Men agreed that thongs are sexy. Why wouldn’t women wear them then, right?

Women Can Gain Weight: This is perhaps the most insidious reason why women wear thongs. One blogger, Sara Lustberg, noted that women have bodies that tend to fluctuate in terms of weight. (Yes. Once you have a ring around your finger it somehow causes you to put on weight and prevents you from dieting and exercising as well. That what you mean?)

Lustberg claims “The great thing about wearing a thong (is that) it’s an undergarment that isn’t really dependent on whether or not you gain or lose 5-10 pounds.” (Note she said five to ten NOT 50 to 100.) So basically it’s all about comfort, sexiness and convenience.

Why do women wear thongs?Now you know.

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