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Lake Tahoe Facing Wildfire, Drought, and More

The large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada of US, Lake Tahoe, is facing various threats like drought, catastrophic wildfire, invasive species and climate change was stated by the officials on Tuesday.

The lake Tahoe will fall below its natural rim level this year due to the extreme climate change that has occurred in and around the lake has been evaluated by the researchers at the University of California, Davis. After the resolving of a long standing dispute over development around Lake Tahoe, this occurs exactly after one year.


A summit was held near the water’s edge on Tuesday. Due to tension over the governance of the basin surrounding Lake Tahoe, the annual gathering of politicians, environmentalists and researchers was discontinued in all these previous years.  “Peace is at hand” was said by John Laird, secretary of the California Natural Resources Agency when he came at this summit.

Nevada passed a law through which it threatened to withdraw from a two state partnership unless California made concessions to allow more development after all these years of tensions persisted as back in 2011. Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is known to be partnership between Nevada and California. After the signatures of California’s Governor Jerry Brown on a legislation ratifying the agreement, this row was sorted out last year in October.

Despite signing the agreement, there were a lot of concerns about preservation efforts at the lake. Current dry conditions of the lake have forced dock closures. It has also affected river rafting in the area. All these have also raised an alarm about invasive species in the lake.

There were a lot of concerns about preservation efforts at the lake Tahoe despite signing the agreement. The docks are forced to remain closed due to current dry conditions of the lake. River rafting in the area too has been affected. An alarm too has been raised about invasive species in the lake due to this.

The effects of climate change on the lake are ‘widespread’ and it is an issue of major concern says Julie Regan of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

Democratic U. S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein cheered the introduction of a $415 million preservation bill for the lake. She said, “That’s restoration projects focused on water quality, storm water management, invasive species protection. It’s hazardous fuels mitigation and wildfire prevention projects”.

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