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Floyd Mayweather Trying To Read iHEART Radio Drop Gets 50 Cents Attention

The Breakfast Club took time to dig up Floyd Mayweather’s interview with iHEART Radio doing a drop for vets. The issue has come into the lime light after 50 Cent called out Floyd Mayweather to read a full page of Harry Potter.

If Floyd could read the full page 50 would have to donate $750,000 to a charity of 50’s choice. The challenge posted to 50’s Instagram has since gone viral and Floyd has yet to respond to the challenge.

Listen to the clip below to hear Floyd try and read the unedited drop.

Floyd, iHeart Radio interview

Check out Power 105. 1 “The Breakfast Club”‘s leaked audio of Floyd Mayweather Jr’s reading struggles below:

Below is the video clip posted to 50’s Instagram calling out Floyd.

Apparently, 50’s updates come after Floyd indirectly called him irrelevant in a recent interview. 

The initial post to Instagram from 50 went like this: ““I woke up, I looked at the computer and the computer say, Floyd say ‘f*ck T.I., f*ck Nelly, f*ck 50.’ What’d he say f*ck me for? Nelly f*cked your first baby mama Melissa then took your f*ckin fiancée. Say f*ck that n*gga,.”

What do you think? Floyd needs to call 50 Cent into the ring since 50 calls Floyd into the classroom to read a children’s book?

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