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New Apps Are Exceptional

According to online sources there are almost 1.2 million apps in the Apple store. There is approximately the same amount in the Google Play store for Android equipment. Here are a few of the newest apps that stand above the others.


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Signal is a free iOS app developed by Open Whisper Systems that encrypts your phone calls. It utilizes AES 128 and ZRIP encryption and creates a secure connection between two phones using the app. Android users can use Open Whisper Systems’ Redphone app which also creates a secure connection. No more stressing over the NSA listening to your more intimate phone chats with this download.

Google Translator

Google Translator is a free app now available for Android and iOS that can translate 80 languages. Essentially the user can travel anywhere in the Americas, most of Africa and Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East and parts of the South Pacific like Indonesia.

The user can write type or even speak a sentence and then select the language into which it should be translated. The Android version is also able to translate text in photographs and offers limited downloadable language packs for use offline.

Both versions allow the user to save translations for future use. They also require an internet connection. If don’t have a data plan though you can always use another popular app that can locate free Wi-Fi anywhere.


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Sleep Cycle Alarm

Sleep Cycle Alarm is an inexpensive app for Android ($1.99) and iOS (0.99). The may be the app for you. It starts by figuring out your sleep patterns. The app should be running nearby while one sleeps.

It will record when the user enters deep sleep, any instances of tossing and turning and the duration of your sleeping. It records said data on colored charts and evaluates the quality of your sleep. Using the data the app can wake you at the right time in order to maximize your sleep period.

New Apps Are Exceptional

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