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Why Do Girls Wear Bras? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why do girls wear bras?” you ask? Seriously? This will take some research as yours truly knows nothing of the history of brassieres.

The fact is, more than 90% of women in North America wear a bra and according to online sources many of them have never questioned why. Since a bra is not something normally found in your reporter’s everyday apparel—(Does Halloween count?)–let’s see what our amateur answer posters have to say:

girls wear bras

Why do girls wear bras? (They might not on National No Bra Day)/Image: twicsy

  • Yahoo Poster “Zyad” noted that girls wear bras because “it’s hard to play tag” or “run a mile” without one.
  • “?” said girls wear bras because “it’s better than seeing saggy t*ts flapping around with hard nips.”  (Wow.)
  • “kwaid1992” suggested “girls wear bras ‘cause if they don’t, then by the time they get to be 30 or 40, (You know, when they are really” old”—author’s note) the weight of our boobs will stretch out the skin and make them all saggy.  Eww.”

There’s a bit of fact and fiction in those comments.  According to different online sources some girls  wear bras simply because they were taught to wear them by their mothers and think it is important and normal to wear them. It has become a habit or tradition.

Young girls initially also wear bras because they feel self- conscious about their new developments.  Wearing a bra makes them feel like they have them somehow hidden.

Many women wear bras because they believe bras provide support to their breasts. Those same women also believe it prevents sagging.

F.Y.I.: Susan M. Love, M.D., author of Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book—(does it come in large print?)—states: “This is largely a myth. (W)earing a bra . . . has no medical necessity whatsoever.” Mind you, the doc does acknowledge that women with big breasts may find wearing a bra keeps their body under control and without a bra they might experience pain.

There are also women who think of bras as “an integral part of their every day wardrobe.” They feel that wearing a bra makes them more attractive and provides their breasts with more firmness, contour and shape. To them a bra becomes something sexy, feminine and even sophisticated.

Why do girls wear bras? Now you know.

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