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Sweet Tattoos From Sturgis 2014


American Live Wire continues its Sturgis 2014 series with Sweet Ink from Sturgis 2014.  As you know, Sturgis is basically the best motorcycle rally in the world and kicks ass in all respects.  Our first series covered Sick Rides and can be found here.  Next we looked at Hot Girls of Sturgis and can be found here.  The following pictures are tattoos started or completed in Sturgis during the rally.


Classic pin-up.  We love pin-ups done well.


Well…the model was cold, we can say that for sure.


Dia de los Muertas tats are becoming more and more popular.  We love the ink on this Day of the Dead ink.


More Day of the Dead…add some zombies and you can have Day of the Walking Dead ink?


I am not sure I would have selected a cat headed pin-up, but I like the fishnets.


Ouch.  Side canvas.  Oiy.


ALW will not let you sink.

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