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Chris Soules Confirms Bachelor News on ‘Good Morning America’

Former “Bachelorette” fan favorite, Chris Soules, has confirmed that he will indeed be the star of the next “Bachelor”.

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that the Iowa farmer may be next up to hand out red roses on the popular reality romance show, but on Wednesday ABC confirmed the news.

After making it to the final three during Andi Dorfman’s “Bachelorette” season, Soules, 32, “absolutely” believes he can find love again on TV.

“That’s why I’m doing it,” Soules said on “Good Morning America” Wednesday.

“I believe in the process. I believe in what I went through on the previous show and that’s why I’m doing it… I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t feel like that was a potential.”

The Iowa native said being eliminated by Dorfman just before the finale was “tough”.

“But that means it worked for me,” he told People magazine.

“I fell in love with Andi and got to a point where I really saw that potential. … The fact that it worked makes me confident that being the bachelor will work for me.”

News of Soules becoming the next “Bachelor” was apparently leaked – or hinted at – by another potential “Bachelor” a few days early.

Former “Bachelorette” contestant Arie Luyendyk Jr. from Emily Maynard’s season hinted at the news on his Twitter account Monday when he tweeted, “I’m not the Bachelor. Have fun on the farm people.”

Fans quickly took away he was talking about a particular Iowa farmer.

Soules has been a fan favorite since his stint on the “Bachelorette” – and to just more than a slew of potential bachelorettes. He has become the local face of farming in his home state, and even received a shout out from Texas Gov. Rick Perry during a political visit.

Soules succeeds Juan Pablo Galavis, who many deem as the “worst bachelor” in “Bachelor” history after his season ended in disappointment when he decided not to propose to his choice, Nikki Ferrell.

Chris Soules Confirms Bachelor News on ‘Good Morning America’

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