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‘Cops’ Crew Member Hospitalized After Shooting, Robbery Suspect Killed

A crew member from a long-running police reality show “Cops” was caught in a scene that could have taken place on the show. The “Cops” crew member was shot during a robbery in Omaha on Tuesday night at about 9:20 p.m., Officer Michael Pecha, of the Omaha Police Department, told FOX411.

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A “Cops” crew member was injured during a shootout between police and a robbery suspect. (Image: Facebook)

“There was a robbery in progress, and then there were shots fired and the robbery suspect died from gunshot wounds, and then a ‘Cops’ crew member was injured,” he said.

Deputy Police Chief Dave Baker says an officer saw a man robbing a Wendy’s at night and called for backup. The suspect held a clerk at gunpoint and demanded cash before walking outside to find police waiting. During the confrontation, gunfire was exchanged and the suspect was wounded. The suspect was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police have not disclosed whether the suspect was fatally wounded by police gunfire.

No officers were hit during the shootout, and police say no other suspects are being sought.

The crew member was hospitalized for their gunshot wound where they remain in critical condition.

The incident occurred when a suspect was allegedly attempting to rob a Wendy’s fast-food restaurant.

Officer Pecha provided no further information about the current condition of the “Cops” crew member. The names of those involved have not been disclosed.

“Cops” has been airing since 1989 and is a syndicated reality show that depicts law enforcement officers in action.

The Wendy’s restaurant where the incident took place remained closed Wednesday morning with noticeable bullet holes in the windows.

Baker said the investigation was ongoing, according to CBS News.

‘Cops’ Crew Member Hospitalized After Shooting, Robbery Suspect Killed

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