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Dubai Set To Open Legoland Park In 2016

Making headway before hosting the 2020 World’s Fair in Dubai, the country has made plans to open multiple theme park resorts. One of these theme parks currently in development is a Legoland Theme Park, which is anticipated to open sometime in 2016. The already bustling city is hoping that by building more family-friendly entertainment they can attract even more visitors.

Dubai Set To Open Legoland Park In 2016

Legoland to Open in Dubai

Dubai set to open Legoland in 2016. – photo Wikipedia

Among other types of parks listed in the first phase of production are theme parks focused around Bollywood, and a Universal Studios that will focus on major movies and famous actors from around the world. Attractions like these are promising to increase tourism to this small Middle Eastern country. Some anticipate that tourism could double by the time of the World’s Fair in 2020.

There are plans to open more parks after 2016, as the country plans to dump billions of dollars into tourist-friendly destinations. All of this expenditure continues to add to Dubai’s growing financial risk as the city becomes more and more indebted. In the past years there have been major real estate bankruptcies that have caused the land wealth in the city to shift more towards being owned more and more by the government.

There are also some rumors that building developers have also made contracts with Six Flags Entertainment Corporation. If this first phase of theme parks proves successful, there may be more and more similar projects launched during the coming decade. With all of these Western-branded theme parks, there are still some plans to build destinations that pay tribute to the countries Islamic roots, not to shy too far away from the real identity of who the people of Dubai are at heart.

The United Arab Emirates continues to thrive financially on tourism, even though their real estate market collapsed around 2009 like most of the rest of the world. The country continues to plan for the future and has its eyes set on a new audience.

Dubai Set To Open Legoland Park In 2016.

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