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Silas Nacita is Stronger Than You – From Penniless to Finding Joy to Football Success

Silas overcame tremendous hardship to find his dream. Listen to how he overcame his darkest moment and how he found joy.  

If you do nothing else, listen to the audio from 9:30 on (the audio player is at the bottom of this article).  

It will change your life.

Silas Nacita walked alone for many years after the death of his father at age 16.  A hard senior year of high school strained his relationshiop with his mother.  Alone, he began his college career at Cornell University and ultimately transferred to Baylor University.  Not understanding the responsibilities of such a move, Silas was unable to pay his tuition responsibilities and was not allowed to enroll as a student at Baylor University.

Alone Silas saw darkness around him.  “A few days after finding out Baylor was not going to work out…I didn’t even have money to go home to California,” Silas described as his darkest moment among many dark moments in his life. He wanted to give up.  Instead, he wrote in a journal every single day “2014 Baylor football playmaker Glory to God”.  He needed a goal.  He wrote those words 372 times.

Move forward he did indeed.  Silas enrolled in an online community college and completed classes from a local library.  Alone, no one noticed him basically homeless striving to gain admission to Baylor to live his dream.  Ultimately, he walked on at Baylor for the 2014 season and got a chance to play after  running back injuries in Spring practice.  As reported here by the Baylor Lariat:

“We had some backs go down in the spring, so he was getting a lot of reps with us, and he did great,” senior offensive tackle Troy Baker said. “We are very happy that we know that if it comes down to it, then we’ve got somebody that we can trust.”

Then, something amazing happened.  A typographical error by a SB Nation blog gave birth to #SalsaNacho which took off on social media.

Silas went on to rush for 104 yards and two touchdowns in the Bears second game of the season.

Which led to this amazing interview with David Smoak which was first viewed by ALW here.  David Smoaks is at smoaky.com and is one of the best journalists in the country in our opinion.  Ultimately, Silas summed up the end of his dark path in this way:

“It was about finding joy in life.  I don’t need all this stuff.  It is about somebody greater.”

Listen to David and Silas’ own words in the following interview.

The lead picture is taken from flickr.com (Danny Huzinga; Baylor University) with permission.

The twitter copies are taken from https://twitter.com/silasnacita

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