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Why Is Obama Bombing Iraq? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why Is Obama bombing Iraq?” you ask? Good question . . . and timely too as the staff here was just discussing that in the ALW Workshop. . . (where in our spare time we make toys for all the good little girls and boys.)  But seriously, with NBC News and other sources reporting that the elected leader of the best country in the world is upping the ante with a “bombing campaign” against ISIS in Iraq and even Syria, we have to ask why?


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For those of you already long ensconced in your makeshift bomb shelters, last night Obama announced that he intends to “degrade and destroy” ISIS leaders (including the big baladi himself Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi), neutralize the US weapons the terrorist group scored this past spring and increase support for “partner forces on the ground.”  (Since the entire world including the terrorists was told that the US wasn’t sending in the “World Police” on foot, it’s nice to know someone’s getting down and dirty with the “bad guys”, huh?)

Whether Obama is politically motivated in unclear. The good news, however, is that US intelligence already believes ISIS is in trouble. They note the “increasing loss” of weapons, “increasing financial challenges” and that they “appear to be overextended.”

(Translation: we just might win this one which would be good both for our morale and Obama’s flagging numbers. It would also even manage to unify the two parties against a common enemy thus giving us hope that our elected officials might actually do what we pay them for, mmmkay?)


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Anonymous U.S. officials who spoke with NBC News further explained the president’s military motives: “We want to have them (the leaders) fighting for (their) own survival rather than have the space to plot against us. We want them to have less of a chance to strike out beyond the border.”

By taking action now Obama will put ISIS on the defensive. ISIS will be too busy to deal with “expiration dates” on the U.S. weapons it seized. They have “a finite supply of ammunition, fuel and spare parts” that are not easily replaced. Thus the US weapons could quickly become “useless.”

Taking the fight to Syria should make “the degradation of the terrorists’ military capabilities” happen faster because they would be incapable of relocating the captured weapons there to avoid US military strikes. On the other hand, other anonymous officials who spoke to NBC think ISIS will not surrender too quickly since they have Russian weapons and they could still purchase weapons and supplies on the black market.

(Then there are those who claim Obama is doing this to protect the interests of the oil companies.  Anyone over the age of 12 has heard that about every president so now who even pays attention?  Do you ride a bike to work?  Let us buy you  a cup of STFU, OK?  Get back to us when you have evidence.)

Why Is Obama bombing Iraq? Now you know.

You ask the questions.  We provide the answers.

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