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28 Percent Ex-NFL Players Will Get Alzheimer’s

According to a special report released yesterday by the NFL (National Football League) and the NFL Players’ Association, almost 30 percent of retired NFL athletes will develop such brain conditions as Alzheimer’s or a less debilitating type of dementia. The Associated Press and other sources confirm that is twice the rate of the “general populace.”


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The special report pointed out that the rate of these brain conditions for retired football players is indeed “materially higher than those expected in the general population”. These brain conditions are also diagnosed at a younger age for NFL athletes. The Philadelphia federal judge who is overseeing a lawsuit against the NFL on behalf of several ex-athletes was provided with all the important information obtaining to the case.

Data from the special report was utilized in estimating the size of this now $675 million settlement pool that will be provided to ex-NFL players who suffer from brain problems as a consequence of their time as professional athletes.

$10 million is being allocated for research and $75 million for neurological testing.  The settlement would pay a maximum of $5 million for former football players who have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease. It would pay up to $4 million for CTE-related deaths, $3.5 million for Alzheimer’s disease as well as $3 million for dementia and other assorted nerocognitive ailments.


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The judge overseeing the case has openly expressed concern that additional funds could be needed to completely cover the approximately 6,000 former footballers who may currently suffer from brain disorders.

Some of the individual ex-athletes’ lawyers have previously complained about the negotiations being “cloaked in secrecy.” It makes them uncertain as to whether or not their clients should settle or “opt out” before the October deadline.

After all, there are a significant number of people who complain that this initial offering by the NFL is nothing in comparison to the reported $10 billion in annual revenues. Greg Aiello, NFL spokesman, does not expect an immediate end to this issue and told the press: “There are unresolved issues. More negotiation ahead.”

28 Percent Ex-NFL Players Will Get Alzheimer’s

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