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Man Pleads Not Guilty to All 21 Charges in Bucyrus Murders

A man has pleaded not guilty to 21 charges against him including aggravated murder, robbery and other charges in the deaths of four men at their homes in Bucyrus, a small city in Ohio.

Donald Hoffman is charged on 21 counts for the Bucyrus murders. Some counts include specifications for the potential death penalty, The Associated Press reports.

41-year-old Hoffman donned an orange jail outfit and handcuffs Monday in Crawford County court. He is being held on $10 million bond. His attorney declined to comment on Hoffman’s not guilty plea.

Two men were found dead on Sept. 1. Two others were found dead the following day after police say Hoffman approached officers with information.

A coroner determined the men were beaten, strangled, or a combination of the two.

They ranged in age from 55 to 67-years-old. Friends and relatives ay at least some of the men knew one another and Hoffman.

One of the four men found slain in their homes in Bucyrus has reportedly sought help two days earlier, according to police records obtained by The Associated Press.

Billy Jack Chatman told police just two days before he was found murdered that he had called an ambulance for Hoffman against Hoffman’s wishes after he collapsed on his floor, records show.

The records show Hoffman had entered Chatman’s home on Aug. 30, bloody and reeking of alcohol, the apparent victim of an assault.

After Hoffman collapsed to the floor, Chatman “thought he may need an ambulance so he called” despite Hoffman asking him not to tell anyone about the assault, the report said.

According to the audio of the emergency call, Hoffman had told Chatman he was attacked by about eight people and Chatman wasn’t sure Hoffman was breathing.

The bodies of Chatman, 55, and another man were found the very next day.

Hoffman is scheduled to be arraigned today.

Man Pleads Not Guilty to All 21 Charges in Bucyrus Murders

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